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Dangerous Paradise


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"South Bronx Spirit"

Smithsonian Museum of Art, Wash DC     May  12,  2017  -  August    6   2017                    Los Angeles County Museum of Art          June 11,  2017  -  October 15  2017

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston                  Nov  19,  2017  -  February  4  2018

El Museo del Barrio, NYC                          March     2014  -  September   2014       

Vivian Vasquez, Director / Julia Steele Allen, Co-Producer  Gretchen Hildebran, Editor  / Perla de LeoN, Photography

In Development


Museum of Contemporary Art, San Juan, Puerto Rico, in collaboration with El Museo del Barrio, New York City (2019-2020)

©1980 Perla de Leon

©1980 Perla de Leon

   The Afro-Descendant Project - Puerto Rico
portraits by Perla de Leon
  Reclaiming Identity and Honoring Our Ancestors

©1980 Perla de Leon

Perla's Community Portrait
(Click to watch trailer)
Poetry reading based on exhibition photographs (begins 10 minutes in)

©1980 Perla de Leon


FILM SHORTS        in development                         

Surgeons operate with cell phones,

Oct. 2017

Mayor of San Juan checking on residents, Sept, 2017

Puerto Ricans arriving in New York can seek assistance at the Julia de Burgos Center 
106 St. & Lexington Ave. 
Call 311 to make an appointment 
NYC Puerto Rico Relief Center

Toa Baja, Puerto Rico where a dear friend, Marie Rivera, lost everything, Sept 2017

Elderly throughout many communities in Puerto Rico, Oct 2017

Dear friends, 
I have joined forces with University of Puerto Rico students to distribute solar lights to remote areas of the archipelago.          
To purchase one or more lights (shipping to San Juan  included)

Every time we reach 500 units, LuminAid will ship to San Juan PLEASE forward the link to friends and colleagues and thank you for your generosity. 
Sincerely, Perla


On a less somber note (We need to Laugh) 
a cheerful video by Emmanuel Perez who sings about his new life making lines in Puerto Rico.
Randy Rainbow riffs on the PR song "Despacito"  while crucifying Trump, enjoy


Student Brigades

The Afro-Descendant Project - Puerto Rico 

Photographs, emancipation certificates and historical records will be used to create tryptic markers that celebrate and honor the sacrifices and contributions made by our African descendants. Markers will be placed throughout Afro-Puerto Rican communities and alongside structures and industries that were built from the wealth made from slavery.